Gulf Marine Company (GM) started by establishing customs clearance office of ridding in 2001, under name of Mohammed Alanazi Office for customs clearance as an office specialized in logistics services such as customs clearance and land transportation. As a result of our commitment to continuous upgrading and respond to customer requirements through optimal solutions at the lowest cost we were able to diversify our operations through our expertise and good reputation over the years and add new services and grow steadily, whereas we added brokerage services to international sea, land and air freight and heavy transport, storage and projects management service, which is a service introduced and designed by us so that we supervise and arrange the project shipments from production stage to delivery at the site.

Our Vision:

(GM) aspires to be in the ranks of the international companies in performance and services through our accompanying of the development and comprehensive progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become one of the pioneers in the development of the logistics services sector, by focusing on the Saudi promising market, which is a is global market in oil and gas projects and industrial and petrochemical projects. The balance of trade between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world has continued to increase, which means a significant increase in the volume of import and export.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dammam Tubaishi Quarter- Najd Street P.O. Box 9777 Dammam Postal Code 31423

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